Monday, May 3, 2010

Captain America #605

Hmm, for such an awesome build-up, the conclusion to the Evil Cap & the Watchdogs arc was kind of by-the-numbers. It just seems like Winter Cap and Falcon waited around and then decided to win the fight. A little too easy for them once they got started...

Falcon succeeds in taking out the train full of explosives that the group was using, but Winter Cap has to clean up his own mess since Evil Cap has his own bomb set to blow up Hoover Dam. I liked that Winter Cap was basically just waiting around to hear that Falcon had gotten clear, the moment he knows his partner is loose, he breaks his handcuffs and starts kicking butt. Ed Brubaker does a nice job showing us how powerful Evil Cap is. I also dug the whole idea that Winter Cap would have a soft spot for a former hero with mental problems. The parallel is easy to see, but I liked seeing that loyalty and hope in Winter Cap's interactions with Evil Cap. There is no way I think three gunshots will kill Evil Cap though. In comics, the only thing that guarantees a return more than falling into water is an explosion, so I'm confident Evil Cap will be back when he has another story to tell.

Once again, I love reading about Falcon and Winter Cap. These guys are a fantastic team in this title, and that closing scene was wonderful. The fact that Winter Cap was going to wait around to try and recover Evil Cap's body was touching, but dang if I didn't love that Falcon said he'd be waiting for him as long as he needed. Those guys may end being better partners than the original team-up.

Luke Ross' pencils didn't not look like his work this issue. In fact, it didn't look like Butch Guice's work either, it was a weird amalgam of dark, shadowed faces and sketchy fights. This must have been a rushed job because this team's art looked better a few weeks ago.


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