Monday, May 17, 2010

Siege: Fallen Sun #1

I think Paul Jenkins probably hasn't read any of Sentry's appearances since he last wrote the character.

If you like watching Marvel icons stand around crying over their best friend and lover (don't forget the reader never saw ANY of this) then check this out.

Or you can ignore it like I'm going to. A lot of people are really mad about the retcon that Sentry slept with Rogue, he was somehow immune to her powers. I can see why people are upset, it ruins one of the fundamental ideas of her character (that she can't be touched) but I'm just going to ignore this. It didn't happen. The Sentry was a big powerful crazy man who had one good story in the Age of the Sentry limited series. The end.

Tom Raney's art is fine, but man, there isn't a lot of action here, is there? It's like 22 pages of mopey faces. No thanks.


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