Monday, May 10, 2010

Black Widow & the Marvel Girls TPB

I'll give this odd mini one thing for sure: it delivers on the promise of Black Widow teaming up with the ladies of Marvel comics. Four issues gives us four different team ups, in order that's the Enchantress, Wasp, Storm, and Ms. Marvel. Surprisingly, I think my favorite was the Storm team up where the ladies team up with the Mole Man to fight off a new gang in NYC. This being Marvel comics, writer Paul Tobin has the gang made up of moloids from Mole Man's underground kingdom. It's a genius idea and there are a lot of fun moments in issue 3. My favorite is when they are trying to get the moloids to surface so Storm saturates the ground and they come out like worms in a rainstorm. Great!

The Enchantress, Wasp, and Ms. Marvel stories are a tad on the generic side, although each one adds to the theme that Black Widow is so smart and prepared that she can hold her own in a super-powered world. In fact, the series almost reads like advice on how to be a successful hero (read villain dossiers, speak lots of languages, etc.) I'm not sure if this is Marvel Adventures or not, it seems like it straddles the line between kid-friendly and adult. It's well worth picking up for younger readers who enjoy lady super-heroes like my daughter does. I'll see if I can get her to write her own review.

The art gets shifted around throughout the issues but it maintains a bright, comic-y tone throughout. It's quite bright and simple looking, which makes me think this is meant to skew for younger readers.


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