Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ultimate Spider-Man TPB 20: And His Amazing Friends

I fell behind reading Ultimate Spider-Man, so I'm reading this volume way after I've read the big Ultimatum crossover. I'm finding it pretty hard to care about Liz Allen becoming the Firestar of the Ultimate U when I know almost everyone guest-starring in this story will end up dead by the end of that crossover. The book is kind of trucking along as Peter gets a better balance of the many elements in his life. Kitty Pride, Iceman, Liz Allen, high school, and his job at the Bugle is a lot to balance, but things are starting to come together. In fact, for once Peter Parker is helping other people deal with their freak outs.

Magneto shows up to try and recruit Liz (her father is one of his Brotherhood members) but things get settle by the X-Men just showing up. I love Stuart Immonen's take on the X-folks, but it would have been fun to see a bit more action. Overall, the art isn't enough to carry my interest in a book that I know is going to hit a huge status-quo change (and a depressing one at that). I think I'll switch to checking out any further Ultimate books from the library.

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