Thursday, May 6, 2010

Brave & the Bold #33

Hmm. Something doesn't add up. iPhones. All the Single Ladies by Beyonce. All of this in a story pre-Killing Joke? Yeah... that's not right. I don't like JMS' take on Wonder Woman either, she strips a bomber in the opening pages then makes a comment about how she never has a problem getting men out of their clothes. Seems a little sleazy for WW, doesn't it? Later in the book she's weeping in a bathroom with Zatanna. Now, they have something to be sad about, but again, I don't see WW as a crier. It has me a tad worried about JMS' upcoming run with the character.

And didn't I just read a story called "Ladies Night" where She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Spider-Woman got all dolled up and went to a club?

There is no doubt that the art in this thing is beautiful, but man, the story is a big swing and a miss.

Average (Poor story with Excellent art)

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