Saturday, May 22, 2010

Black Widow #1&2

Marjorie Liu is straddling an odd line with her Black Widow series, and yet she's pulling it off. This isn't exactly a spy book, there are too many Avengers in prominent roles for it be a pure espionage title. Yet Black Widow really seems like she's functioning in a spy's world, regardless of what her friends are doing. We're still in the plot-building phase here, so there aren't a lot of reveals. Some goons removed a recording device from the Widow's gut, so she's not in the best shape, but she still puts the hurt on a gang of handles assigned to keep her in the hospital. Now the search is on as she's labeled a traitor by the US Government. A nameless government spook is trying to convince Bucky Cap, Iron Man, and Hawkeye that she's a traitor, but they're not buying it. I'm hoping Liu doesn't have them start buying the story, I like their loyalty to her much better.

The pacing isn't exactly made for floppies, I'll be reading this in trade, but dang if I don't want to see next issue's fight vs. Elektra!

Daniel Acuna is one of my favorite artists. I actually think he's more suited for Kirby-style madness than the dark, street-level material in this title, but he's doing a nice job with it. Black Widow looks great, you can tell she's attractive but Acuna isn't turning the book into the cheesecake-fest some artists would.


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