Friday, April 2, 2010

X-Men Legacy: Salvage TPB

This is going to sound really nerdy, but I think I'd like to sit down and have a drink with Mike Carey and talk comics. The work he's doing in X-Men Legacy is so solid, so well founded in X-Men history that he seems like he loves the material enough to know it inside and out, but knows where he can add and improve too. This book is filled with throwbacks to everything from Rogues' 90's mini-series to the Mutant Massacre and the Outback days. He isn't just re-hashing the distant past though; Mystique and Danger play huge roles in this story, as do his brilliant new alien salvage crew. In fact, the aliens might be my favorite part of this book. The way they constantly treat Professor X and Gambit like cavemen is simply awesome. And to a space-faring race, it totally makes sense. I loved how they try to explain spaceships to Gambit in such an insulting way. Just awesome.

I've spoken in the past about how impressed I am that Carey can make a pairing like Gambit and Prof X work so well. But it makes sense. They're both damaged goods and at this point, they're both outsiders from the X-Men with nowhere else to turn. The team-up makes sense even if I would have never predicted it. The Prof X showdown with Juggernaut that leads off the trade is fantastic. When was the last time that Prof X came out of that confrontation looking like the more dangerous brother?

The thing is, all of these other things are just extras. What Carey is really doing here is "salvaging" Rogue, re-establishing her personality, powers, and outlook. Redefining her relationship with her mother, boyfriend, mentor, and friends. She's one of my favorite characters so I really appreciate the time and effort spent making the character work again. I can't wait for the next installment. If you are a Rogue fan (or want to be one) check out this trade.
Scot Eaton is a chameleon, but he switches between styles I like. Sometimes his stuff looks like Paul Pelletier, sometimes like Aaron Lopresti. But the art always looks good, regardless of the time period we're reading about. His take on Wolverine's brown and tan outfit is awesome. I also loved how he drew Rogue in her yellow and green jumpsuit without the jacket; it actually works pretty well as a classic style costume without the 90s' accessory. Phil Briones handles two issues too, and he does a solid job.


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