Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Realm of Kings: Inhumans #5

Hoo boy, Medusa is in danger of becoming a full-time villain. Meanwhile, Ronan the Accuser has mellowed out to the point that I'd say you can't call him a villain anymore. All it took was the affections of Crystal and the guy becomes a pussycat! DnA explain that all the troubles up to this issue have been the result of Medusa and Maximus' meddling as they attempt to endear the Inhumans to their Kree subjects. Medusa has a plan to put her people at the top of the food chain that is downright evil, and when Gorgon gets too big for his britches, she puts him in his place by beating the crap out of him. There are a lot of fun character developments here, but since the story sort of swoops in to the conclusion of the Imperial Guard mini, this probably wasn't entirely necessary. If you're a fan of the Inhumans, I'd recommend this just for the spotlight that Triton and Gorgon get, they usually are more background characters. I do need to see Ronan smash someone with his hammer soon.

The art has a hilariously jarring change halfway through the issue. Pablo Ramiondi picks up for a few pages here and there, and the art is clear and understated, as he always tends to be. Tim Seely provides a few pages with the added consequence of an increase in chest circumference for every female in the book. Crystal swelled so alarmingly I had to jump to the credits to see what happened.


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