Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Star Wars Legacy v1: Broken TPB

This wasn't too bad. After a brief dalliance with Star Wars comics back in the 90s with stuff like Dark Empire and Boba Fett, I've generally stayed away from the whole Star Wars universe in comic format. I decided to give this a try from the library because I do usually like John Ostrander and Jan Duursema's work together. I'm glad I did.

Taking place over a hundred years after Return of the Jedi, this was basically a new sci-fi story with some trappings that I remember fondly. The Empire is around, but they're practically good guys at this point. Coruscant is still running the galaxy, but now the Sith itself is running things. There are a ton of new Sith guys fighting Jedi Knights, but there are also Imperial Knights factoring in. I really like the mix of new ideas like that with the classic "Jedi on the run" type stuff. The ships are vaguely familiar, so the main things carrying over from the movies are the cussing (Et Chuta!) and lightsabers.

Cade Skywalker is the lead character, but he's kind of a scumbag. He's a bounty hunter who still has moments of compassion. When he bumps into his old Jedi buddies he ends up helping them out, but not before he tags and turns in a Jedi that he didn't know personally. That makes it hard to like him too much. The coolest new Jedi is a tentacle headed (Twi-lek? I dunno) dude named Shado. He's pretty cool because he's so confident, at numerous points in this trade he's outnumbered and outgunned and he never seems concerned. The new Sith lord is interesting, because I guess he's sort of a free-thinking Sith, but he's got some disease or parasite that I know nothing about. There are a few scattered elements that totally confuse me, I guess I missed something in the books or previous comics.

Jan Duursema sets up the action really nicely. The character and ship designs are strong too. I will say she skimps out on the violence occasionally, making this comic feel like it is rated PG. That's not a bad thing, just an observation. There are a ton of characters in this trade and many of them dress in a similar fashion, it's a testament to Duursema's skill that she makes it easy to tell who's who.


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