Friday, April 23, 2010

R.E.B.E.L.S. #15

Reading REBELS is kind of bittersweet for me every month. I absolutely love the comic. The storylines and characterization has been excellent, and now Tony Bedard has put together a team of ringers made up of some of my favorite DCU characters. Adam Strange, Captain Comet, and now Starfire all on the same team! It's insane! And yet I can't help but be worried that I'm going to see the cancellation notice in the next round of solicits. I'll enjoy the book while I can, but I do feel like we're on borrowed time.

This issue deals with the fallout of Starro's conquest of the DCU and starts to set up some new status-quo states around the DCU galaxy. Vril Dox is setting up the LEGION once again, but after his robot police force betrayed its employers at the start of the series, the populace is very anti-Dox. In fact, since Despero played such a big role in taking out the star conqueror, he's become a cosmic hero in the eyes of the populace! His execution of Starro doesn't quite work out though, since Smite and Astrid Storm-Daughter are still hanging around and still loyal to their old boss. Meanwhile, Starfire has left Earth because she's tired of hanging around waiting for Dick Grayson to like her. So she's returning to the stars and she's in for a shock as a planet appears where her homeworld used to be... I'm betting Dox is "fixing" Rann and it will now take Tamaran's place in the cosmos. Bedard is cleaning things up nicely, I love this book. The whole feel of the cosmic DCU is so fun and open, anything can happen.

Claude St. Aubin is quite good and he has totally held the tone established by Andy Clarke. I do question the need to have Starfire's first appearance in these pages be topless. Why in the world is she tying on her shirt in her grand arrival in this title? I mean, St. Aubin draws it well, but it's not exactly empowering, you know?



Ryan said...

I had to drop this book once Andy Clarke left. It's one of the funnest comics around and quite self-involved which is a boon for escaping the events (i see that the REBELS tie-in with the War of the Supermen appears to be nowhere in sight according to solicitation information).

That said, quite a few of DC's comics and only some of Marvel's look like they got doled out to a staff of artists from Avatar or who are trying their darnedest to mimic the Avatar house style. blech

can't stand it.

Timbotron said...

Actually, I tihnk St. Aubin is ok, he's got that textured look of Andy Clarke's down nicely. I see what you mean about Avatar artists, but I don't think St. Aubin is one of them.