Friday, April 2, 2010

Justice League America #43

Hmm, it could be that DC is taking over my top spot. James Robinson redeems one of his recent mistakes in this issue when he shows us that Blue Jay is still alive. See? The story works just as well when you don't kill the characters, see James? Heh.
Anyway, the triumphant new lineup didn't last long did it? Everyone's already gone! Hal and Barry shoot off to deal with the rogue Green Arrow. Starfire flies off to find join the REBELS. It sounds like Cyborg is going to be in Rise of Arsenal, I guess. Mon-El is too busy with Superman crossovers to stay around. So at least for now, Nightbats, Donna Troy, Congorilla, and Starman are the whole league. Why the heck can't this group keep a lineup? I like seeing the team take on some classic baddies like Hellgrammite, but I do wish I knew if Plastique was a full on baddy or not now.
I did like Red Tornado and Green Arrow's scene together. Do the two of them have much of a history? Have they been buds? That might be a fun thing to explore.
I like Mark Bagley's DCU. It looks... right. He's fitting in quite nicely.

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