Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thor #284 (1979)

I'm working my way through the Thor & the Eternals vol 1 TPB and I find myself really enjoying Roy Thomas' take on Jack Kirby's space gods. Fortunately I read Kirby's original series fairly recently or I'd probably be pretty lost. The storyline leads off with Thor ret-conned into the history of the Eternals, giving Thor a background with the polar Eternals, giving him a nice history with Ajak this issue.

Ajak is my favorite of the Eternals, and it is all because of that kick-ass helmet. It looks like some kind of gigantic bird-fish on his head! This issue takes place inside the impenetrable dome where the Fourth Celestial Host is judging the Earth. They are three years into their judgment, and Ajak is there to help them. He's got the old doctor from the Eternal series there as a companion and witness, and this issue they are joined by Thor and Ereshkigal, a deviant with bat wings and a cold-gun (don't ask, I don't know!) The three way battle is pretty cool (with a random SHIELD agent thrown in for good measure) but the high point has to be when Ajak tries to use his magno-gauntlets to take away Thor's hammer. Naturally, Thor just tosses the uru mallet at Ajak, adding to the velocity from the magnetics, it blasts Ajak in the face and takes him out quickly. It's great seeing classic Thor hand out beatdowns to everyone involved. In the end, Thor just leaves to save some humans, but I know he'll be back next issue!

John Buscema draws one tremendous Thor. He's got the same build as Conan and he carries himself in a unique way. Buscema actually makes Thor seem like a deity mixing with humans. Thor is a benevolent Asgardian, but he is clearly above the mortals he saves.


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