Friday, April 9, 2010

JSA All-Stars #5

This is another of those comics that I want to like more than I do. I generally enjoy Matt Sturges' books, but there is something missing from this title to put it over the top. The cast is great, some of the best JSAers are here (notably Power Girl, Hourman, and the new King Chimera is great), but I'm just not wrapped up in the story the way I am in the other JSA book.

This issue has Stargirl lost in another dimension with Atom Smasher, and they continue to grow closer despite their age difference. Of course, I think that the villain Johnny Sorrow is disguised as Atom Smasher, leaving the real Smasher tied up or captured somewhere. Actually, maybe if Atom Smasher joined the team full time it might help the dynamics. They have enough bricks power-wise, but they could use the personality.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team defeats the otherworldly King of Tears (a Cthullian beastie) with the help of a gunslinging sorceress. She actually captures the King in a bullet casing... very weird. Perhaps this gal will join the team too, and that might help shape things up. Right now, too many cast members are generic voices that don't really add to the dynamics. Citizen Steel, Sand, Wildcat II, even the aforementioned Hourman and Power Girl don't usually bring any unique perspective to the comic. The clearest personalities are Cyclone, Star Girl, and King Chimera, so it is no surprise they are the most interesting.

Freddie Williams brings back the window in PG's costume, but it's not too bad. He does a nice job on the main team sequences, but I sometimes found the other dimensional stuff a bit hard to follow. Of course, that is probably on purpse, it is supposed to be an extended dream sequence.


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