Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #47

Peter Tomasi brings his run home nicely, giving a lot of nice moments to a ton of the Lanterns that he's featured in these pages. Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner get some nice best bud bonding moments, including having a beer at Warriors. Kyle and Soranik have some nice moments too as Kyle starts to plan how he'll start over on his mural. Kilowog steps down as drill instructor for the corps, and with good reason, he's seen so many recruits dies over the past year's story that it would drive anyone to quit. The new instructor should be fun, I've always liked Stel and he looks bad ass in his current configuration. Vath and Isamont have another fight and make-up, and Tomasi checks in on Princess Iolande, Mogo, Salaak, the Guardians, and that awesome sloth jailor in the Sciencells.

Tomasi should be really proud of this run, he's fleshed out the Green Lantern mythos wonderfully. He's bringing a bunch of these characters over into his new title, Green Lantern Warriors (including Guy, Isamont, Vath, and Kilowog, I believe). He's leaving behind a ton of good characters too, I think there are plenty of Lanterns to go around to fill two titles. I'll stick around for Tony Bedard's run next issue since he has handled REBELS so well.

I think this is Patrick Gleason's last issue too, and I'm really going to miss his definitive take on all these Lanterns. He's really made Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner his own, and his designs for Soranik, Iolande, and the rest are great additions to the diverse Corps.


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