Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daredevil #222 (1985)

Denny O'Neil's Daredevil TPB Love's Labors Lost is teaching me a few things. First of all, Daredevil has always been a selfish sad-sack. This trade is basically all about DD moping about all the women in his life who have either died or been run off because of him. In fact, I'd say the only ex who still seems to be breathing is Black Widow. I'm not sure DD should have moved on from her, because at least she can take care of herself. There's also a nice little flashback to DD's training with Stick where Stick informs him that the Matt Murdock part of his life is just as important as Daredevil. Stick warns him that should Murdock ever go away, it would be bad news (see upcoming Shadowland, I guess!)

O'Neil's issues seem to be contrived, and this is no different. A random hijacking on an airline leads to a crash with three survivors. A hick hitman meeting his family in the swamps of Jersey, DD's girlfriend, and a corrupt scientist utilizing Mr. Fear's fear gas. This leads to a ridiculous swamp chase with the Widow and DD facing down a strange family of criminals and quickly dispatching them. There's even a funny little moral about how the scientist was afraid without the gas. It's all quite by the numbers and really, it doesn't make me want to track down Daredevil back issues. Or were these all fill-ins and that's why they have this weird feel to them?

The art by David Mazzucchelli is of course very reminiscent of Frank Miller. I don't like his take on Black Widow at all, she looks much better with longer hair. Foggy Nelson also tends to look a bit ridiculous, especially when he's sporting a moustache.


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