Thursday, April 8, 2010

Invincible Returns #1

Hrm. Too bad this is the standard cover, I would have liked to grab the Erik Larsen one.

I find it amusing that this is a new reader-friendly issue, and yet as a regular reader, I feel like I missed an issue. Has this been delayed or something? I totally forgot that Atom Eve was telling anyone about her delicate condition. And come to think of it, Robert Kirkman never explains just who she's talking to. This is supposed to be new reader friendly but I think it helps to have some background in the title. Cecil Stedman, DA Sinclair, Hard Rock, heck, this book is packed with old plot points and storylines. The plot doesn't even move forward that much, this mainly is sa check-out point for Invincible as he leaves Earth. As I said, I know what's going on, but I worry about those elusive new readers.

The Viltrumite War is already here, wow. It sort of feels like Conquest just ended. I feel bad for Invincible having to head out into yet another blood fest. Allen the Alien and Tech Jacket should lighten the mood though, so I'm happy they are coming along. I'm thrilled to see that the Guardians of the Globe are getting a mini, that should be a ton of fun.

Ryan Ottley has surpassed Cory Walker as "THE" Invincible artist. The backup story seemed off and odd, like it didn't fit in the Invincible universe, and Walker was the original artist for this book! Ottley has the blend down perfectly for this title; blood, action, and babes.


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