Thursday, April 8, 2010

Batman & Robin #11

Grant Morrison doesn't pack quite so many mad ideas into this one, but he still does pretty well. I believe that's the Black Glove making his triumphant return to Gotham, so I'm hoping that Bruce Wayne can return in time to deliver a well-deserved beating.

Oberon Sexton can't be Bruce Wayne. Too obvious, although he might well be a great new character on his own. He looks iconic on the Frank Quitely cover, and he certainly holds his own inside the book. The demonology-based villains are fun, but the high point for me is seeing who is going to be steering Damian. Grant Morrison has not used a lot of established characters in his run, but I'm keen to see his take on Deathstroke the Terminator. Deathstroke really is NightBats' main enemy, so it makes sense that they should get to square off somehow.

So the big question is, what did NightBats find in under the Wayne family cemetary? I'm sure it is a clue about Bruce Wayne, but I don't have any idea what it could be.

Andy Clarke should take his place as a regular Batman artist. He's got the chops for it. His detail and figurework are tremendous.



Dom said...

I was thinking about getting the HC that just came out for Batman & Robin. It's $25 I think. I don't read a ton of DC, but I hear this series has been great. Do you think it would be worth picking up at $25?

Timbotron said...

Hmm. The first 3 issue are awesome, but 3-6 are... not so good.

Jeff said...

I don't know who Gravedigger really is, but it's going to be quite a reveal! I love this series. This issue made me immediately go back and reread 1-10.