Monday, April 26, 2010

Sif #1

I'm a little worried about Sif after seeing this cover. It looks like she can't lean over, fight, or really even breathe. That mini-skirt is so short I'm afraid she might show off everything she's got if she even tilts her head!

I'm not too familiar with Kelly Sue DeConnick, but she seems to know her stuff. Not many writers would know what to do with a Sif one-shot, but putting Sif on a special mission for her ex-beau Beta Ray Bill is inspired, especially since Bill now has an actual member of his race to be with. With the way Sif's life is going and her lack of a connection to Thor, it's especially tough seeing that option sort of removed from her life too. Sif is quite likable here, and I actually wonder if she could ever fit in on an Avengers roster. How does her strength compare with Thor? Could she fit in with a mortal team?

She's operating solo here as she takes on some weird hive-mind aliens. I do like how confident she is, she's basically entering a ghost ship and she's just not worried, she's sure about her powers so she just assumes she can handle it. She's right of course, although things do get close. I was a little surprised that she killed the parasite-controlled aliens. If they really had been taken over, maybe she could have tried to save them? But I suppose she is an Asgardian warrior, saving people isn't really what she does...

Ryan Stegman has a nice, cartoony style that at times veers awfully close to Al Rio territory. Most of the time I really like his clean, classic style, it works especially well with the bright colors in this comic. He's so good at drawing pretty ladies, I'm happy that he manages to avoid the cheesecake shots, even when he's drawing Sif running around in a bath towel.



Anonymous said...

"I'm not too familiar with Kelly Sue DeConnick, but she seems to know her stuff."

She's Matt Fraction's wife.

Timbotron said...

Neat! Has she written other comics I might have read?