Thursday, April 29, 2010

Walking Dead #71

It seems alike a long time since I last read an issue of Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman delivers another fantastic issue, built purely on characterization and emotions rather than zombies. In fact, there is not a zombie to be seen, roamer or otherwise. Even with no violence or even the direct threat of it, this book is tremendous.

With Rick and his band of 12 survivors trying to fit into the blissful haven of suburbia, it is clear they are different. Carl can't fit in with the other kids. Andrea worries that the others will realize how messed up the group is. But Rick isn't letting that stop him from hoping that they've finally found a home. But we've seen the survivors' world collapse too many times, so I'm sure other readers are like me in not thinking this utopia can last. It's only a matter of time before we see zombies shuffling down these peaceful streets.
That makes this whole storyline seem so much sadder since we have to expect it is going to end. Rick's budding friendship with Abraham remains one of the coolest parts of the series these days, and seeing the two of them on the same page with survivor's paranoia is really touching (and again, sad). And the new career for Michonne fits perfectly and is a great fit. At this point, I'm really hoping our Rick's crew can enjoy some peace.

Charlie Adlard remains solid. He's still doing a remarkable job giving everyone a unique look.


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