Monday, April 12, 2010

Atomic Robo v2: Atomic Robo & the Dogs of War TPB

Nothing against Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener, but they've basically created a robotic pulp action hero in the save vein as Hellboy. And it totally works. Robo does the same types of missions, fights ALMOST the same type of bad guys, and has the same types of allies. I will say that all those features have a bit more of a science bent, but it is very similar. And they do it well.

This trade is all WWII era action and it is clear and nicely organized. The first trade was a bit hard to follow; the covers didn't get reprinted between issues and since the floppies had backups, I often got lost or confused on where or when a story was taking place. By including the original covers and reprinting all the back ups in the back of the trade, this is a clear, fun read. Like the creators, I love watching GIs blast away with Thompson machine guns, and putting that cool gun in the hands of a 'bot like Atomic Robo leads to some great science action!

Scott Wegener's characters can be a bit blocky, sometimes normal human faces look a bit too squarish. But it is worth it because his Atomic Robo looks tremendous and the more action-elemens are wonderful. The Nazi tank-suits are great fun and I loved the look of the super-zombies too.


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