Thursday, April 15, 2010

Siege: Captain America #1

I'm still not sold on the idea of two Captain Americas. I really want Steve Rogers to take back the shield. The point of this issue seemed to be saying that there is room for both guys to serve as the most inspirational hero in the Marvel U, just that they would do it in different ways.

The story follows the Caps as they rescue a civilian family from the ruins of collapsed Asgard. Since things can never go smoothly, the situation deteriorates when Razorfist takes the family's two kids hostage. I like that Christos Gage tried to play up the seriousness of Razorfist here, but man, he's a silly villain. The guy has no hands! Crossfire showed up earlier, but he's just there as window dressing since Winter Cap takes him out so fast. Razorfist actually gets to go a couple pages against the distracted Caps (they are saving a wounded kid and trying to clear the area). Once they are free to concentrate, the Caps mop the floor with this C-level opponent.

The pencils by Federico Dallocchio are very soft. Lots of details get washed away by the colors and the faces on most characters are fairly indistinguishable. I liked his facial expressions, but at times the combat seemed to jump around a bit too. In total, this thing was pretty unnecessary.


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