Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Booster Gold #31

Dan Jurgens sets off from the pages of Booster Gold with another solid but unspectacular issue. This issue's mission is a bit more personal for Booster as he inadvertantly causes the death of a family pet. His frustration with all these time-rules lead him to get a bit careless, and Rip has to cheer him up. There is also a reconciliation between Booster and his sister Michelle after he rescued her (but not her boyfriend) from the destruction of Coast City last issue. Again, the issue is fine, but time-travel can be extemely difficult to keep interesting. I actually enjoyed the little trick that Rip and Booster pull off at the close of the issue, but it isn't enough to make the issue more than decent.

Jurgens' art is still a pleasure to read. He includes another "Booster Idea Board" to lead off into future stories, but none really jumped out and caught my interest.

Maybe next month's new creative team will liven things up by tying the title into Brightest Day and the promising Justice League: Generation Lost.


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