Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Daughter is C2E2 Pixie!

Wow, she was a big hit at this show! She must have been asked to be in a hundred photos. She was the only kid contestant in the Marvel costume contest on Saturday, but hey, she still won!

She picked Pixie out of all the characters she knows about. (I wouldn't approve Starfire.) I will say it bums me out that there hasn't been a kid-friendly story featuring Pixie. The character is perfect for young ladies (my daughter is 5) but I can't really give her any of the Uncanny X-Men or Young X-Men books she's appeared in!

In any case, this was my first family con and the ladies all did great! Yee haw!

Here's how many times she was tweeted.

Here she is lining up for the costume contest!

Forgive a proud Dad of his rambling. I'll have a review of all the big announcements tomorrow!

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