Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Web #3

Sales may be in the toilet, but darn it, I like the Web and his web hosts. There are a ton of original ideas in this series, from the super-hero franchise to the Web's competition with the JLA brand. Things of course go wrong when the Web decides to arm a ton of franchise folks with their own web-suits, and it takes the intervention of Batgirl and Oracle to make him take action to regulate his "employees." His disastrous Web Conference was hilarious, what a bunch of nutcases. The Web is forced to deactivate most of the folks using his suit, but a few stick around so there is some team-up potential down the road. He also starts working with Oracle to make his internet interaction more useful. In addition to a Facebook-type interface where he can exchange "Hero Kisses" the Web can now call out to a ton of people who want to help. He's using cell-phone and internet users better than any other hero. It's another great idea from writer Angela Robinson. This book isn't long for this world, but I will dig it for as long as I can.

Roger Robinson is great. I love the heavy blacks from his books, and this is no exception. The Web's terrible costume looks awesome, as do the guest stars. I would hope Robinson could get a top tier book, but that would make too much sense.


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