Friday, December 18, 2009

Captain America: Reborn #5

This one was packed with real Avengers goodness! The gang is all here as Steve Rogers' body is hijacked by the Red Skull. The Skull and his underlings can't help gloating, and with an army of MODOKs specially constructed to kill super-heroes, the Avengers do seem to be in trouble. As the issue wears on, all the heroes are taken out except for just a couple, so I'm hoping Hank Pym is successful in freeing Agent 13. Sharon Carter deserves some redemption in this story and I'm betting we get it in issue 6. I couldn't be happier that Crossbones is such a major villain now. Seeing him lead the charge against the heroes would have made Mark Gruenwald smile, I'd think. There aren't a lot of reveals or plot advancements here, this is a chance for Ed Brubaker to give us some action, and he delivers.

Bryan Hitch and Butch Guice continue to share penciling duties. It still seems like the big-splashy shots are hitch while the necessary story-beats are Guice, but with Guice inking the whole thing it looks pretty consistent. I did love that panel where Sin is blasting Winter Cap in the back with two .45s. Tough stuff!


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