Monday, December 14, 2009

Walking Dead #68

Very interesting. I've been hoping to see a storyline where Rick's group of survivors are the harder and perhaps more morally questionable group featured in this book, and it might actually be happening. I just guessed it one arc too early in "Fear the Hunters." This issue introduces the well-groomed scout from a nearby refuge. It seems there are 30-some survivors who have walled off a safe area. After scavenging the area for food, they are now out scoping out survivors and extending invitations to the ones they think could fit into their society. After listening in on Rick's group, it seems our guys are good enough to get an invite. Although Rick is a bit hesitant to accept the offer, the rest of the crew jumps on it.

There are some interesting happenings in this issue. I like that Rick is so gun-shy about anyone new, but it is nice seeing Michonne and the others so ready to be hopeful. It also seems that Rick's leadership isn't exactly rigid. I'm also curious if Andrea is going to try and pair off with Rick. They both have young kids to take care of, and it is the zombie apocalypse, so I can't really blame them if they do seek some solace with each other.

Charlie Adlard does a nice job. It's hard to nail down the new guy's motivation and emotions, putting the reader in Rick's shoes. I really want to trust this guy, and seeing him re-connect with his partner sure makes him seem like he's a decent guy. I'll hold out hope, but this the Walking Dead.


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