Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1

Wonder Woman hasn't had it too rough if her most personal connection to a dead-person is Maxwell Lord. Their encounter back in the Infinite Crisis days was forced, and it still is here. I enjoyed the showdown between the two, but I don't really buy into the personal hatred Lord seems to have for WW. I did like that WW is a steady purple for love. I'm not sure I would have her pegged like that, but I'm fine Greg Rucka's decision, keeping the color undiluted keeps up WW's pure nature. The willpower-green soldiers was a nice touch, I always appreciate it when normal people get treated as equals with heroes. It was nice to see them actually survive too, with so much bystander death going on.

The mass-resurrection of Arlington Cemetery was downright nasty, but it does make me wonder just how many Black Lantern rings are out there. I mean, I can see it is more than 2 per sector, but is there an upper limit? WW took out those zombies very easily, so I'd debate whether it was worth using rings on all those guys. And were the other zombies permanently destroyed? Max Lord wasn't, how about the rest?

Nicola Scott kicks butt. WW looks majestic, powerful, and beautiful. I'd bet Scott takes over drawing WW within the next year. I had heard WW is Scott's favorite character, so I'm sure that match up is on the way. I won't complain one bit, Scott's WW is awesome.


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