Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Avengers #60

Damn Stuart Immonen is awesome. I usually don't start off with the art in these reviews, but Immonen is so good, I can't help it. He gets to draw a ton of heroes in this issue, and they are just perfect. His Hank Pym looks cool and heroic, but he even nails the little stuff. Hellcat's poses as she's lounging around, Daredevil and Iron Fist looking like they could spring into action, even the Hood's grimacing attempts to seem relevant; everything looks awesome.

Bendis delivers another true win for the New Avengers. They actually beat off HAMMER last issue, then out-smart Norman Osborn again, making him pay for his attack on Luke Cage in a neat way. Osborn doesn't have a heart, so hitting him in the wallet is probably better. I'm not sure I like Cage being the sweetheart of the Marvel U like this, but what do I know? I still prefer him as Power Man!

I'm fascinated by the two different villain armies running around in the Marvel U right now. Taskmaster has a crew of bozos in the Initiative, and the Hood's army has just about everyone else. I do like that Bendis has essentially created a new Masters of Evil with this group of villains. They've been after the New Avengers for so long now, they will all have some nice history in their next appearance. (I do think Mandrill and Griffin have been shown on both teams though!) I'm not too broken up about Jonas Harrow's fate. Bendis has actually written him for awhile now, so he's killing a character he's worked on; plus I don't know what he's from anyway.


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