Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thunderbolts #139

Jeff Parker sure knows these Agents of Atlas guest-stars! They come off very cool in this appearance. I loved seeing the Agents totally kick the crap out of this gang of random T-bolts. I especially enjoyed seeing Mr. X get his butt kicked. It's always wonderful seeing this type of know-it-all get his butt handed to him. Mr. X's telepathic fighting abilities don't hold up well against a robot with no brain!

Osborn is definitely setting up this team for a fall, but since half (or more) of them are traitors, I can't get too upset with him. Ant-Man still wants nothing to do with any sort of conflict, all he does is try to ride out fights doing nothing. Scourge is full on crazy and aside from his last-minute antics, isn't usually that effective. Ghost is a traitor. Paladin is clearly being paid by a good-guy to infiltrate this team. Headsman wants to kill half the group and the whole group wants to kill Mr. X. It's a sad state of affairs when new member the Grizzly is the most team-oriented guy in the group.

Parker's highpoint in this is the smack talk. There is some wonderful banter between the teams as the Agents hand the T-bolts their butts. Very entertaining.

Miguel Sepulveda has that Marvel house style that is quite popular these days. There are quite a few Marvel artists taking after Roberto De La Torre's gloomy, almost photo-referenced work. I like it well enough, but I could see how it could annoy some folks.


BTW, this is the second comic I read this weekend with people throwing trees, the other being JSA All-Stars #1.

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