Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adventure Comics #5

What was the point of this issue? Superboy Prime smashes around "Earth Prime" and eventually attacks the DCU publishing offices in New York. To be honest, it seemed like the point of this book was to get a bunch of DC staffers drawn into a comic. We didn't really learn anything about Prime or Alexander Luthor and I don't really see how this affects the greater blackest night story either. All in all, I think the people who will appreciate this comic the most all collect paychecks from DC comics.

Jerry Ordway is solid as always, but man, after the somewhat amusing lead in to this tie-in, this was a real disappointment.

I will admit I'm a tad tempted by the backup story. I like the idea that Lex Luthor has some extended family that might make life tough for Superboy. I'm ready for a confrontation between Connor and his "father" too.


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