Saturday, December 26, 2009

Scalped TPB 2: Casino Boogie

Is this book winning awards? Because it should be. Jason Aaron's complicated character study rewards your dedication and concentration with great reveals and a story like nothing else I've read. The world he's creating is different, fascinating, sad, and wonderful. I think the character of Dino Poor Bear sums up the series better than any other. He struggles with his family, his job, his friends, and his responsibilities. He's worried about ever making enough of himself to get off the reservation and finding a new life. But when someone surprising gives him the opportunity to get off the res with a handful of cash, Dino starts remembering all the things he loves about home. The issue is a wonderful character study and a great encapsulation of what makes the book so wonderful.

But the butt-kicking is great too. Dashiel Bad Horse is a top tier brawler. Although we're finding out bits and pieces of his past, he's still an enigma. I absolutely loved the issue featuring Diesel Engine too. He's another character so well thought out that he could carry his own book, but he only ranks as a supporting player in this one.

The trade ends on the same note as the one previous, which probably frustrated folks when this was coming out monthly. But read all in one sitting, I find myself liking the murder victim so much that I'm even more upset when that person shows up dead. Just a heartbreaking book.
R.M. Guera's stylized art remains spot on perfect. Able to juggle spirit animals and alcoholics with equal skill, this book is great.


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