Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Justice Society of America #34

Why is Power Girl featured so prominently featured on this cover when she's on the other team?

Not a lot happens in Bill Willingham's first solo issue of JSA. This is a much more relaxed "getting to know you" type issue. Every member of the team gets at least a few pages to establish their character. Mr. Terrific gives Mr. America a nice power upgrade too. America's whip now gives off some pretty big explosions when he snaps it around.

I dug the exchange between Alan Scott, Jay Garrick, and Kid Karnevil. That is one evil little dude, I hope he sticks around for a bit and gets to keep threatening the team in their own HQ. The JSA's HQ is an odd choice, they are set up in some of the older rooms in the old Justice League mountain. I enjoyed hearing about the struggle over old JSA resources between this team and the All-Stars. I also like that Bill Willingham is following up on old Shadowpact concepts in this title, there is a fair amount of magic talk that would have been at home in that old book.

Travis Moore's pencils are ok. His best panels are about the level of Mike Norton's work, but quite a few panels aren't as impressive. His faces are nice and expressive, but I'm not sure he's nailed down everyone's body language and looks.


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