Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dark Avengers: Annual #1

Wow. Bendis got a bunch of pages to try and get me to care about Noh-Varr, the current Captain Marvel, and I'm not convinced. Noh still has almost no personality, and pairing him up with a spunky college kid with dyed hair doesn't really change that. The conflict with the Dark Avengers never rang completely true to me, since Noh has never seemed like an idealistic kid hoping to make the big leagues. The guy has always been one step away from being a villain. There are a few nice sequences where he goes up against the Sentry, but overall this felt unnecessary. And expensive.

I'll admit, Genis-Vell was the Captain Marvel for me. I still don't see why he had to be killed off and replaced.

Chris Bachalo's design for the new Captain Marvel suit is odd. It's a mix of the normal goggles and such we'd expect from Bachalo mixed with the original green Captain Mar-Vell suit. Bachalo's style works great in certain types of comics, but in this straight-forward style story, I don't think he's as good a fit.


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