Sunday, December 20, 2009

Secret Six #16

I don't think Black Alice's legs are connected to the rest of her body on that cover...

Hmm. This is two average issues of Secret Six in a row. After blasting out of the gates and being one of my favorite comics, things are slowing down quite a bit over the past few months. Gail Simone is bringing another of her creations aboard the Secret Six as Black Alice "auditions" to join the team of mercenaries. The Six let it all hang out, and I think Catman and Deadshot figured their skeevy qualities would scare Alice off, but instead she doesn't even blink and still wants to join the team. I'm amused at how accepting the team has been of Bane's takeover. It seems Scandal is still around, so really it will be more of a Secret Seven, but Bane is the guy who kind of takes over and makes a decision on Alice. I'm ok with Alice joining the team, mostly because it seems like Simone is aware of all the potential things that aren't as cool about her (the goth/emo thing, the sulky kid personality, etc.)

I'm curious to see how the team will get along now that one of their most powerful members is essentially a surly teenager, but it will make things interesting. I might have figured an issue with super-villain strippers would be a bit more exciting, but this was more a foundation-laying issue, leaving it fairly bland.

Peter Nguyen's art is serviceable, but losing Nicola Scott is a huge blow. She's made this book her own, so losing her to Blackest Night: Wonder Woman for a few months is making these issues seem even less important. Unfortunately, it feels a bit like the book is treading water until Scott returns and things can ramp back up to the previous level of quality this book enjoyed.


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