Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deadpool #899

Much like Mike Benson's work on the recent Moon Knight trade, this is fine, but unspectacular. I would have though that a luchadore brothers would be a dream comic idea, but putting them in tactical gear just saps away some of the fun (keeping them in monster trucks helps though). It's also interesting that the Zapata Brothers are so close to being villains, only their amusing hero-worship of Deadpool keeps them on the right side in this. Having the brothers be such big fans of social media and be so aware of comic culture is an amusing choice, although an odd one for a pair of luchadores. Deadpool is likeable, as always. I do enjoy these adventures where he really succeeds based on his healing factor and powers rather than any actual competence. He can't really concentrate well enough to come up with great plans, so powers and personality have to do.

Carlo Barberi handles the art fine, but I still would love to see someone draw the Zapatas with a more authentic luchadore look, as in, a complete wrestling suit.


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