Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guardians of the Galaxy #20

So it looks like DnA aren't taking back all those deaths. The bulk of this issue shows how the team is dealing with the raw losses suffered last issue. I really dug how even Rocket Raccoon was missing Cosmo, that was a great little scene, especially after seeing the more "normal" grieving from Moondragon. Starlord's throwing himself into his work is sad too, the poor guy's guilt about his failures is going to overwhelm him. In another bit of character genius, I love Jack Flagg as the new second in command when Starlord isn't around.

The closing creature was disgusting! When that Luminal's head popped open, revealing a crazy monster, man o man. DnA's decision to turn their cosmic books towards horror is a genius move. This will be new ground for a lot of these characters.

Brad Walker does a great job and I'm thrilled he's back. He draws the saddest Rocket I've ever seen. I really like the way he handles the standard Guardian uniform too, he even makes it work on Moondragon.


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