Thursday, December 24, 2009

Captain America: Who Will Wear the Shield?

I can't say I'm too pleased with the resolution to the debate. After both Caps set out in their patriotic threads, Winter Cap ends up keeping the shield by default when Steve Rogers forces him to take it. Rogers is sort of a broken man here, he's so exhausted from his travels through time that he just does't have the heart to take back his old job. Winter Cap is ok, but he's just a placeholder. The book ends with the President pardoning Rogers of his Civil War crimes and warning Rogers that he may have something even bigger than Captain America in his future. I've read on a few blogs that people suspect Rogers will take over a revamped SHIELD, but I sort of hope that isn't it. Heck, maybe he'll become Ronin if Clint Barton becomes Hawkeye again.

Ed Brubaker does a nice job with the little details. Black Widow is firmly on Winter Cap's side, she doesn't think her former beau needs to be the only Cap. I liked seeing her relationship with Winter Cap going so nicely, they really are a good team and it is fun seeing them kick butt together. She also explains that the Winter Cap threads were designed by the Wasp, a nice little nod to the designing diva. The foe for the action sequence could have been anyone, but I did love Mr. Hyde's reaction as Cap dove towards him off the roof; "Aw crap." Heh. That must stink to think you're about to get away, only to see the greatest dead hero in the world bearing down on you.

This really didn't need a 3.99 one-shot, but at this point I'll take any Steve Rogers appearances I can get.

Butch Guice keeps things looking nice and consistent. Everyone looked on model, but what impressed me the most was how "classic" Cap looked. His costume seems bulkier and more impressive than Winter Cap's shiny suit. Dang, I do hope Rogers keeps suiting up.


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