Thursday, December 10, 2009

Transformers: Megatron Origin TPB

I don't like the idea behind this series. In Eric Holmes' story, Megatron is a hapless (although brutal) miner that has been historically abused by the corrupt status quo of Cybertron. He ends up lashing out at his masters and taking command of the Decepticons more as a revolutionary than as an actual villain. And who is the group protecting those corrupt masters? The Autobots. I'm ok with a few of the more law-abiding Autobots like Prowl sticking with a bad status quo, but pretty much everyone shows up in crowd shots enforcing the status quo.

I did like a few of the revelations about Soundwave; that he was originally sent as a proxy for a corrupt senator. Soundwave is almost instantly swayed into joining Megatron, giving him a great right-hand man. It was also fun seeing Grimlock show up in the underground fighting ring, here's a bot who wasn't sitting around obeying orders.

Alex Milne's art was very unclear to me. Most of the familiar robots had been redesigned, so I couldn't tell them apart in most of the combat scenes. Having Megatron wear a big mining helmet was a weird choice too. Overall, I didn't think this series added to the mythos in any necessary ways.


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