Saturday, December 5, 2009

Teen Titans #77

If J.T. Krul isn't careful, he's actually going to stand out as a competent Titans writer. After a strong effort in the Blackest Night: Titans mini, he steps into the main Titans book to give us a Ravager/Deathstroke-centered tie in. There are a lot of dead folks in Deathstroke's past, and they're all back to get him in this Blackest Night story. I liked how quickly the father and daughter team switched from trying to kill each other to helping each other fight off their zombified family members. It's clear that Ravager and DS don't actually want each other dead; they just don't know how to relate to each other in any other way than hand-to-hand combat.

Joe Bennett is the originator of the current Titans house style, so of course his work fits perfectly here. Equally adept at faces and action, I really love the way his beautiful people break things and each other.


Jeff said...

I hadn't read any Teen Titans in a long time, but grabbed this because I'm really really enjoying Blackest Night. I also liked Krul's Blackest Night Titans. I can't believe I'm not only enjoying Teen Titans, but Deathstroke and Ravager to boot.

Timbotron said...

Yeah, it actually feels like a Titans comic and it has been awhile since anything in the line felt "right."