Saturday, December 19, 2009

Red Robin #7

I'm totally confused by Christopher Yost's greater story, but I will admit I like his spider-cult. The Ra's Al Ghul stuff is going nowhere, in my opinion, I'd much rather see Red Robin out doing normal heroic stuff rather than gradually exploring his weird alliance with Ra's. It seems like RR is kind of reduced in this role, he's sharing too much screen time with uninteresting flunkies from the League of Assassins. The spider-guys are cool and creepy though, I particularly like Goliath, the brick of the team. Again, I'm confused why Yost is spending so much time showing the spider-team form up, do we really need their origin? Yost does write a likeable Tim Drake/Red Robin, I'm just looking forward for this mopey alliance to end so we can get more of the Robin we've all liked for the past few years.

Marcus To does a decent job on the art, but I'm a little fuzzy on who all the spider-assassins are. Some of them look very similar and I can't tell them apart. I did like Sac's very expressive face, for a guy with such a creepy power, he sure takes a lot of pleasure in his killing! Usually those creepy dudes are more understated...


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