Thursday, November 1, 2012

Avengers #32

Bendis, how can I stay mad at you when all the bad things have been fixed? Hawkeye, Vision, and Scott Lang are all back. Alpha Flight is mostly back. Wonder Man certainly seems like he’s turning good again. And now we’ve got the return of a much-missed founding Avenger. Seriously, there was a lot of unnecessary killing over the past few years, and here we are, with most of it undone and the status quo resting nicely for Marvel NOW.

I was so excited about the big development in this issue that I didn’t notice how bare bones the plot is. The Earth bound Avengers head to the park, meet up with Wonder Man, and shrink. The lost Avenger fights a few nameless alien thugs. Then the two groups reunite. Not a lot here.

But I’ll tell you what, that reunion scene makes it all worth it. I loved seeing the lost Avenger greet the “away team” so warmly. I really appreciate that Bendis included Hank Pym in this group, he’s never done much with the character; giving him this moment is a nice touch. I can forgive the fact that this is all talking because the plot moves forward in such a pleasing way.

Just for the palpable sense of joy on Thor’s face, this is a triumph for Brandon Peterson’s art. He also draws the most voluptuous version of the returning Avenger that I’ve ever seen, but I suppose I’m OK with that. I also love Mike Mayhew’s pages too. I think I might scan the Sad Wonder Man panel and use it instead of my “Poor” ratings from now on!


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