Saturday, November 10, 2012

Comics on the Bubble: Deathstroke #1-10 (1991)

I was curious if my fond memories of this title would hold up through my current dissatisfaction with the DCU. It turns out while I forgot most of the details in the first ten issues of this series, the joy I get seeing those Mike Zeck covers is well founded.

Marv Wolfman writes and Steve Erwin draws the first two storylines. The first arc works nicely as a Deathstroke movie plot, with lots of obscure references to Slade’s time with the New Titans during Titans Hunt. This is the era that exposed me to the Titans, so of Course I dug it. The second arc features Deathstroke invading Gotham and helping to deal with some mob assassinations. It’s interesting, Slade beats down Batman. Deathstroke talks about how difficult it was, but man, that’s crazy.

Erwin’s art is nice and clean. He gets many chances to draw Slade’s costume in various states of destruction, and Deathstroke always looks impressive. Ravager’s costume is a classic too, with Erwin’s design looking like a good homage to George Perez.

Issues 1-5: Deathstroke vs. a new Ravager. It’s not his kid, but Wolman does a great job tying this character into Slade’s past. KEEP.

Issues 6-10: Deathstroke in Gotham. Deathstroke vs. a yellow-symbol Batman? With Erwin using Norm Breyfogle’s costume and car designs? KEEP!

Summary: As good or better than I remember!

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