Thursday, November 22, 2012

Uncanny X-Force: Dark Angel Saga (part I)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Have a heaping helping of X-Force!

I posted a review of Deathlok Nation recently, and I gave it a “Good” rating. Well, if that one was good, then this one is Excellent. Rick Remender takes his time with a long narrative that spans ends of the Earth, centuries of time, and alternate worlds. Everything from the Age of Apocalypse to Jason Aaron’s Deathlok to Grant Morrison’s The World has some time in the sun.

The book opens with the aftermath of Archangel’s ascendance in Warren Worthington’s mind. It seems Archangel was destined to take Apocalypse’s place should the X-villain die. Warren has lost the battle and now Archangel is taking his place. X-Force wants to try and help their fallen buddy, so they enlist the Dark Beast. The former horseman of Apocalypse sends the X-team to the Age of Apocalypse to join up with the surviving X-Men to grab a Celestial Life Seed. Of course, Dark Beast can’t be trusted, but I still relished the chance to see all these characters again. Jean Grey, Magneto, Rogue, Gambit, Silver Samurai, Iceman, Sunfire, and Nightcrawler make up the core of the team, led by former Exile Sabretooth. By the end of the story, it seems like only a few of these guys are still standing.

I found it interesting that Deathlok is wearing an “X.” He’s a full on member of X-Force in this one. Wolverine is the dour leader, and Psylocke the protagonist struggling with her feelings for her former love. Deadpool absolutely steals the show as the comic relief. I was shocked how many times I actually laughed out loud at the dialogue ol’ Wade was spouting. That said, I don’t think any comic fan can read this story and not fall in love with Fantomex. I always thought he was fine, but seeing him take charge of the team, fall in love with Psylocke, and kick all kinds of butt… you have to love him.


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