Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Invincible #96

Ahh, Kirkman. Nicely played. You gave us saps the happy ending we’d been pining for, but then you poisoned the well with a good cliffhanger. Sure, Monster Girl and Robot are going to stay together and commit to their relationship, but we know that Robot is still harboring a pretty jerky move in his recent past. Well played.

Ryan Ottley gets a bit more action this month as the Guardians of the Globe take on the alien invasion head on. Once Robot gets involved, it seems like just a matter of time before the aliens get taken out. And as for Monster Girl’s forgotten, warlord-baby? He’s an easy target for a focused Monster Girl and Robot. (I thought Robot usually controlled his armor remotely? Seems unnecessary to risk life and limb at the actual scene.)

I’m not sure I agree with all the job assignments Robot lays out; I might have sent a couple more heroes to guard the refugees. I’m also hopeful that Bulletproof gets some time front and center next month. He’s had an eventful run as Invincible, and I maintain it is a brilliant idea to replace the man in the suit. Change is almost always good in these long-running titles.

Change is not good for Atom Eve when she and Mark try to get intimate with his powers gone. Once again Kirkman comes up with a reasonable, original spin on super-heroic characters; a hero using his powers as a crutch in the bedroom. So silly.


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