Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Walking Dead #104

This might be the middle of my weekly reviews, but this is still the first book I read when I bring home a stack of new comics. Can’t resist!

Hoo boy, Carl. I hope you survive into being the successful psychopath we’ve all been dreaming of. The problem is, I think getting into Negan’s camp might actually make that MORE likely. Negan could be a darn good mentor if Carl is going to end up as a villain. Fortunately, I think Rick’s influence should be strong enough for Carl to stay strong.

I also absolutely love the way Kirkman toys with our emotion during the Jesus fight and capture. I figured he could handle four on one, and he probably could. While Jesus may not have planned what happened, its mission accomplished time for him now. But what the heck can Rick do about it? Carl has offed a few more baddies, but does Rick have enough of an army to take on this group? I’m not sure.

Charlie Adlard does a fantastic job with the introduction of Negan’s base of operations. It’s a horrific looking industrial complex, surrounded by chained up walkers. These guys are pretty sick. I’m looking forward to seeing them get what they deserve.

I’m not sure, but it seems Kirkman is laying the seeds for some unhappiness amongst Negan’s crew. All his guys seem to hate him, and clearly Negan is living higher on the hog than they are, with nice mattresses and multiple wives. Maybe some of these folks can still be turned good?

I will say Kirkman has got to start using the minor characters’ names more often. I can’t remember anyone in the Community except for our original cast members and Jesus. I recognize them, but it would be nice to use names the first time they appear each issue.


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