Friday, November 9, 2012

Back-Issue Review: Marvel Two-in-One #78 (1981)

Now, my affection for silly old Marvel comics is well-established. But this one was really straining my interest. Wonder Man is dressing up as Monster Man to star in a terrible TV show. The thing is, Monster Man is basically the Thing with much worse dialogue and villains.

There are a few moments of concern, I suppose, but not many. Tom DeFalco and David Michelinie just joking around. I mean, the plot kicks off because Thing goes to complain about Wonder Man, his poker buddy, doing him wrong like this. That’s a pretty random plot! One of the most interesting bits during the inevitable battle is that Wonder Man is ranked MUCH higher than Thing in the power department. Thing can barely lift Wondy’s workout equipment! I knew Wonder Man was tough, but not that tough.

So cool guest star. Nice battle. Fun art by the ever capable Ron Wilson. (Seriously, it’s amazing how well Wilson can handle a different hero each month. They are Marvel Handbook-worthy in their adherence to design.) No, there are three words that make this comic better than average. SPOILERS:

Xemnu. The. Titan.

Is there a more ridiculous villain in the Marvel U? This guy wants to kidnap Earthlings to repopulate his planet. Does he just want it full of beings? Is he going to marry an Earth gal? And his plan is to make bad TV shows to brainwash humanity??? Heck, based on Reality TV, perhaps Xemnu has already won!


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