Friday, November 23, 2012

Uncanny X-Force: Dark Angel Saga (part 2)

The story is very complicated, involving Archangel’s plan to re-create the Earth with the Celestial lifeseed. (Fortunately, we’ve got Deadpool openly mocking the plot every chance he gets.) Another strong point of the story is the tremendous line-up of villains. The new Horsemen from Uncanny X-Force team up with the surviving members from the old X-Factor days, plus Dark Beast. You simply can’t beat Archangel as the big bad, too. He’s charismatic and falsely sincere in an enraging way. He’s got all the power and status of Apocalypse, but Remender establishes it in only a few issues. This is masterfully plotted.

Remender even leaves the book in an interesting place. I’m not sure which of the AoA X-Men are even still alive, but we know that the alternate Nightcrawler is going to stick around. I sort of hope some of the others make it too. The AoA Earth needs them!

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Remender is blessed with some absolutely fantastic artist. Mark Brooks handles the Age of Apocalypse issues, and his ability to reinvigorate those great 90’s design really makes it work. I mean, I knew I loved the alternate Iceman and Sunfire, but who knew that silly Gambit looked that neat? Or that AoA Jean Grey looked that great throwing her powers around?

And when did Jerome Opena get this good? Didn’t he work on Punisher and Moon Knight? He was OK then, but his art is stunning now. His work on Genocide (formerly known as Holocaust), Dark Beast, and the other Horseman is wonderful. And Psylocke’s ridiculously “ass-y” evil costume? Great design and very comic-y all at once.

I'm going to go ahead and say it: This is a new X-Classic!


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