Saturday, November 17, 2012

Avengers #33

Bendis is bringing his Avengers run to a close with some fun stuff. The problems I’ve griped about since New Avengers #1 are still there, of course, but maybe I’m so happy at the positive direction of the plot that I’m OK with it.

We will never see the Avengers enjoy so many meals with each other ever again. Bendis loves putting the group together at meal time, and he does it again here when the team has to recap the plot for Quake. I did enjoy the banter between Vision and Red Hulk as they complained about guard duty in general and Wolverine in particular. Who would have thought those two would ever have a chance to hang out?

Meanwhile, in the Microverse, Cap, Iron Man, Thor, and Giant Man have “rescued” the Wasp. Not actually rescued, I guess, but been captured right along side her. Fortunately, every member of the team is not the type to give up. The dark cell where the group reconnects is an intimate setting, and it lets Wasp re-forge bonds with her teammates. I swear I don’t understand Giant Man and Wasp’s relationship. Are they together or not? Bendis’ dialogue sure makes it seem like they are still an item.

The villain? Lord Gouzar? I’m assuming he’s a Micronaut, but heck, I really don’t know. I’m just amused there is a centaur villain in a modern comic. This is very much a “middle chapter” comic, with only a few important scenes and lots of panels used up with flying hammers and such. Its fine, but it will read better as part of the whole.

Terry and Rachel Dodson excel with the artwork, of course. It’s an amusing day when Dodson’s art has the female characters with smaller chests than the last penciller. Dodson’s Thor is pretty great. Has he drawn the character much in the past?


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