Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Indestructible Hulk #1

Here comes Mark Waid, reminding us all why he was one of the hottest creators in the 90’s, and why he still deserves that title today. 

I took a bit of chance and read this premiere issue with my 8 year old daughter after I saw Maria Hill on the first page. (My daughter is a bit of a fan after the Avengers movie.) Thankfully, this is definitely kid appropriate, with lots of comic-style violence and action, along with some great new vocabulary words for both of us! 

Bruce Banner is tired of Reed Richards and Tony Stark getting all the credit. He’s just as smart, but Bruce is justifiably worried that he’ll only be remembered as the Hulk. In an attempt to contribute something more, he wants to sign on with SHIELD. He wants to update the old comparison; instead of an unfocused bomb, he wants the Hulk to be a targeted cannon. It’s a great high concept that works. I’m not sure I buy into the armor quite yet, but seeing Hulk lead a team of SHIELD agents to take on a classic Marvel villain worked even better than I’d figured. 

And wow, does Waid make this villain sing. Spouting out equations and theories, other writers have made this guy work too, but I’ve never had this much fun seeing him actually fight somebody. I love that Waid put Hulk, known for his lack of intelligence, up against this particular villain, one known for his brain. (I couldn’t have been the only one expecting Mr. Hyde or a new Abomination). 

Leinil Yu’s art; what is there to say at this point? His new, short-haired Hulk looks imposing and powerful. I absolutely loved the way he drew Hulk as a green blur while in motion. Maria Hill looks wonderful, both powerful and hot in her SHIELD issue battle gear. I particularly loved that she is wearing her normal form-fitting outfit while leading a team of heavily armored SHIELD agents on the attack. Yu knows what fans like! 

Another strong debut from Marvel NOW, at this point, if people don’t like these books, I’m not sure what to tell them. These are exciting new chapters building on the history we know and love. It’s just the right mix for an old reader like me (and my daughter, I guess!)


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