Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #14

Whoops, somehow this one fell to the bottom of my stack and stayed there for a few weeks. I think this is only two weeks old, but I’m not sure. At this point, I’m only keeping up with a few DC books, two GLs and two Batman titles, and both are entrenched in another crossover. I really should just switch to trade on them, I guess! 

Anyway, Peter Tomasi wades in to the War of the Third Army as those gross weirdos start assimilating the GLC. While normal folks can be absorbed and taken over pretty easily, all ring-bearers have to lose their ring before they can become a staring, gropey white monster. That leads to some perfectly Nu-52-ish scenes of Green Lanterns getting their arms and fingers ripped off right before their chests burst as they become monsters. It’s sort of like a recipe at this point, isn’t it? 

Tomasi still has a fantastic voice for Guy Gardner. This is his book, with John Stewart only getting a few pages to make contact with Fatality, currently of the Star Sapphires. Gardner is justifiably worried about his own family, and the now-evil Guardians make him pay for it. They bring up all his recent missteps in front of the entire Corps, and then shame him until he steps down. With Hal and Guy gone, that only leaves John Stewart and maybe Kyle Rayner as Earthborn GLs. (Is Kyle still an actual Green Lantern? Or is he a rainbow guy now?) 

Guy is back home, normal, and still in the sights of some bad guys. Clearly Guy has some ties to the Justice League; maybe we’ll be getting more guest-stars in the upcoming issues? Tomasi has plopped Guy in a real pickle. If he couldn’t beat the Third Army with his ring, what can he do with just a motorcycle? We’ve got to hope Salaak and Kilowog have something to add soon. 

Fernando Pasarin continues delivering strong work. In the midst of all the carnage and viscera, there is some great “acting” on the faces of the failing Lanterns, including Guy. I’m also still amazed that he can get such strong emotions from the more alien faces in the book, although on someone like Salaak, I’m pretty sure the dialogue is a big help. 


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